In the South of Vietnam in the provinces of Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and Vung Tao, several chemical terminals are based along the rivers of the Mekong Delta. Sea-going vessels are calling terminals in Dong Nai, along the Long Tau River and in Go Dau along the Thi Vai river, for multi-cargo operations.

Due to night navigation restrictions, vessels have relatively small day-light windows to move from the anchorage in Vung Tao to the terminals or shifting between inland terminals. Due to lack of visibility of operations among supply chain actors, planning and forecasting are difficult and logistics costs are higher as a result.


The goal of this pilot is Port Call Optimisation by visualisation of vessel planning and actual status of vessel operations and marine services (pilots and tugs).

The key stakeholders in the pilot are a chemical trader (cargo owner), tank terminal operatorshipping agent and cargo surveyor. They will use digital tools to obtain and share relevant vessel time stamps from ETA to ETB, from ETC to ETD, to create visibility for relevant partners in the supply chain to optimise planning and reduce vessel demurrage.

The pilot period is April to September 2023 and aims to demonstrate 1) the value of data sharing among supply chain partners and 2) the ease and scalability of data sharing platforms.

The tooling that will be deployed are bothe local and international logtech and marinetech solutions developed by 3rd party software and data vendors.


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