Build your own community

Data flow. Data flow on waves. Harbouring the right and for your company most relevant data is the ultimate challenge. 
We do more than making state-of-the-art API's that make supply chains more efficient. NxtPort empowers communities. We bring together different stakeholders that work together within a network: customers, suppliers, competitors, authorities, and others. We can optimise every connection that makes collaboration more relevant, for multiple purposes: increase transparency, bigger profits, better reliability and less room for error. 
Nxtport actively supports the formation of communities through which ports, associations, private & public companies and authorities can share data in a secure and scalable environment and develop API's and applications to cover the needs of their community.
Some of the services that NxtPort can bring to communities: 
  • Independent organisation that brings together stakeholders during co-envisions
  • A white labeled Community website with news, agenda, about, …
  • A white labeled Marketplace that hosts local applications, platform features, API’s, … specific and relevant for the community
  • A white labeled datasharing platform to allow collaboration, digital handshakes and monitoring of data usage
  • The NxtPort platform links to user authentication platforms already nested into the community

NxtPort knows how to deal with every possible digital wave. NxtPort learned the rules and tricks in one of the world’s largest and most connected ports, the Port of Antwerp. NxtPort learned how to see connections. With NxtPort, you are in safe haven. Unleash the power of Together! 


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