NxtPort is fully committed in aiding supply chain stakeholders and other parties involved to efficiently share data and improve their business. We understand that you want to be in control of your data (with whom and for what purpose will your data be used), and ensure that it is secured (accessibility) and safe (protected).

Through NxtPort's digital console you control which data you want to share and who you want to share it with. Interested parties can request access to your data. You can decide to accept or decline the request and monetize your data, requesting a fee each time data is requested. NxtPort's digital handshake technology will ensure that the party who is requesting your data is known (authenticated) and authorized.

NxtPort has an API first principle. If your company is not yet ready for this technology, NxtPort can provide you with the necessary tools to 'ingest' your data via various channels (sFTP, Email, AS2, ...) and formats (Edifact, CSV, XML, ...) , in order to store it in your personal vault and make it available to your supply chain partners.


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