Beacon’s mission is to bring real-time oversight in your liquid bulk supply chain – in both logistics and terminal related operations. Beacon allows its members to better navigate their transport movements to take out delays, inefficiencies, and demurrage.

Beacon.AI brings unique data – in-transit and in terminals. It is developed for and by product owners, strengthened with industry knowledge from key supply chain service providers. 


  • Real-time insight in all your ship, barge, and railcar movements
  • 24/7 e-mail notifications on status updates including pre-arrival delays and drop tender events
  • ETA predictions by machine learning algorithms
  • Detailed information on status history for (demurrage) analytics

Why did we launch Beacon? 

Currently there is no solution that provides transparency in the whole journey of liquid bulk. A lot of phone calls and emails are often needed to get insight into product movements. This lack of transparency and timeliness leads to unexpected waiting times, high demurrage, and an unreliable supply service to customers.

Whilst tracking of movements between ports is widely available, you hit a blind spot at the port and require information from multiple stakeholders. Status timestamps may be provided but understanding the context is difficult. Beacon.AI is launched to fill exactly this gap: to bring real-time oversight in the liquid bulk supply chain.

Reduce demurrage

Insights to streamline your product flow and enable better decision-making can lead to up to 20+% demurrage reduction

Efficiency and reliability

Effective control in planning and management reduces calls from customers by ~50%, saving hours by own staff for each movement

Real time insight

Improve your customer experience by better informing on status, ETAs, and delays and monitor on-time product arrival, leading to fewer delays

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