glassRUN is a Single Integrated Platform that is used to automate and digitize marine services operations at Marine Ports. It digitalizes the end-to-end Order-to-Cash process by automating, harmonizing and integrating Ordering, Planning, Compliance and Delivery processes. The SIMPLICITY of glassRUN enables rapid adoption across a diverse demography of users across the entire value chain enabling complete paperless and contactless operations. glassRUN is a Cloud hosted SaaS solution offered at an extremely competitive price. 

Key Benefits

Integration with Marine Traffic Systems

Vessel ETA automatically updated in glassRUN enabling real-time collaboration between different parties and timely deliveries.

Dangerous Goods & Safety Checklists
Seamless integration of checklists at key points in the process to control and streamline the Delivery process.
Control of Ambient Temperature Change
Provision to adjust liquid product quantities due to changes in ambient temperature, ensuring that the correct quantity is Delivered.
Offshore Delivery in Offline Mode
Ability to carry out remote offshore Deliveries, in offline mode, in areas of low or nil network connectivity.
Delivery Product Discharge Flow Rate Control
Control of the discharge flow rate of each product during Delivery, to prevent excessive pressures, overflows & spillages.


Solution Flow

Here is a simplified Solution Flow of glassRUN. The Marine Customer, using the glassRUN Customer Portal or App, places an enquiry with the Marine Supplier. The Marine Supplier approves the enquiry, on the glassRUN Order Manager Portal. The Sales Order is then scheduled for Pickup & Delivery by the Transport Operator, using the glassRUN Transporter Portal. The Driver/Barge Operator then receives the Order on the glassRUN App, and carries out the Pickup & Delivery of the Order. An accurate Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is instantly generated and sent to the ERP system for invoicing. All stakeholders have a complete 360 degree real-time view & control of the entire Order to Delivery process on the glassRUN Digital Control Tower.


Order Automation

Simple & Easy ordering through an intuitive customer mobile app. Intelligent & efficient order processing through automation.

Order Scheduling

Seamless order scheduling with load optimizing & fleet maximizing features.

Order Fulfillment

Simple & Easy delivery mobile app for your delivery personnel with ePOD and real-time notification features.

Digital Control Tower

A complete 360 degree real-time view of the entire value chain to enable complete transparency & control.

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