Better Insight, Less Waste

Real-time insights and predictions to make the best informed decisions in port operations. With flexible alerts and personal updates on your port calls, you can manage by exception. Insights tailored to your needs. 

World Wide Coverage

From the big global hubs to the small local ports, Teqplay provides unbiased and real-time insights world-wide. In large ports like the ARA ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp), Houston and Singapore we provide in-depth insights through deep knowledge on the specific port operations and integration, e.g. to port community systems. 


Services are available through API’s for the M2M interfaces, including applications and dashboards supporting operations. We do have the following services available.

Real-time timestamps

Timestamps are provisioned in real-time and your systems are accurate and up-to-date. Always the latest view on your port operations, your single point of truth. 

ETA and ETD Predictions

With advanced AI and machine learning we have insights in what is going to happen. You can stop guessing and act proactively on your maritime operations.

Notification Services

Changes or events that require action are monitored, with flexible alerts and personal updates you are proactive and in control of your operations. . 

Port arrivals & departures including ETA and line-up

Insights on lineups and performance of ports and terminals. Know which vessels will arrive and when, including overviews of vessels in port, vessels at anchorages and vessels departed.

eSOF of port calls - historical

Factual information, including timestamps, on everything that did happen within a port call. All relevant details at hand, displayed in an E-statement of facts, including previous ports and alongside services.

Vessel Voyages - historical

Information on all port calls and voyages for vessels, including port stay, waiting at anchorage and travel time.

Actionable Insights

Stay tuned in on what’s happening with your vessels. Be notified if and when things change or events occur. Be alerted so you can directly act.

Easy and in Control

Information to plan and monitor your maritime operations. Have overview and detailed insight. Create the planning and monitor execution.

Reliable and Predictable

Latest information always at hand. Create reliable and predictable maritime operations.

Sustainable and Efficient

Insights that help to drive sustainability and efficiency of your port operations. Better asset utilization and less work.

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