Many port players still depend on email and phone communication to get the latest vessel planning information at terminals. Their business efficiency depends on having the most accurate information available. Changes to planned arrival and departure times can heavily impact a vessel's rotation schedule, even more so if the information is not received as soon as possible.

NxtPort International has developed an API allowing port players to request vessel arrival & departure information from terminals that share data with the platform. The information retrieved includes a.o. the Planned and Actual arrival & departure date/time.

Reduce demurrage

Insights to streamline your product flow and enable better decision-making can lead to up to 20+% demurrage reduction

Efficiency and reliability

Effective control in planning and management reduces calls from customers by ~50%, saving hours by own staff for each movement

Real time insight

Improve your customer experience by better informing on status, ETAs, and delays and monitor on-time product arrival, leading to fewer delays

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