NxtPort Technology

NxtPort's data sharing platform offers a vast number of services through the technologies it has embedded. These technologies are important to maintain a high security standard in combination with a high service level. Below you will find some more information on several technologies that can support your needs when sharing data with other parties.


Identity, access and authorization are core component of the NxtPort platform. By using industry standards such as OAuth2 and OpenID, we enable federation and federated identity functionalities. Through the NxtPort Console, organizations are able to manage their userbase and control the access to API’s for which you have an approved subscription. 

Software developers can implement "Login with NxtPort", leveraging the popential user base to all organizations that are using the NxtPort platform, without the need to handle implementations with other federated identity providers that are already connected to NxtPort. 


Gateway or Proxy API's allow data exchange between data users and data providers without the need to store or process that data on the NxtPort platform. When a data user requests information that is available in real-time at the side of the data provider and an active digital handshake exists between both parties, NxtPort is able to retrieve that data directly from the source.

Gateway API's allow for a quicker onboarding of data providers that already have webservices implemented. It also offers the opportunity for organizations to easily broaden the reach of their digital solutions through a single connection with the NxtPort platform: after connecting once, all they need to do is make a digital handshake with any other user of the platform to start the exchange (and monetisation) of their data.


Every API or application is managed by an organization on our platform, called an asset owner. Through the NxtPort console, this organization is able to define who is granted access to start using or implementing the solution. Depending on the commercial nature of the solution, the NxtPort platform also allows to limit access to documentation, overview of data providers or any other type of information. 

From within the NxtPort console, Community managers are also able to manage the members of their community. Similar to the usage allowance of a specific API, communities can decide to have an open policy to share technical information or to have a restricted access "for members only". 


Data providers can have their data stored in a secured data vault on the NxtPort platform. Data can be sent via different means of communication (REST, AS2, SFTP, ...) and different formats (JSON, XML, CSV, ...).

Once data is successfully stored in the vault of the Data provider, depending on the given permissions and digital handshakes that were made, the data (or part of it) will become available for data users, API’s or applications linked to the NxtPort platform.  


The usage of digital handshakes is one of the core components of our data sharing platform. Once a data provider has started with sharing data on the NxtPort platform (in real-time via a Gateway API or stored in their vault), nobody is allowed to access their data unless a formal "digital handshake" is made between the data provider and the data user. These handshakes can include the following information: 

  • Data fees
    Costs that can be configured on asset level per API call, per container, per ship, etc. These fees are controlled solely by the data provider and negotiated with the data users. 
  • Duration of the handshake
    Similar to any other contract, a handshake has a term during which the agreed upon conditions apply. Contracts can be renegotiated after the contract expires or can automatically be renewed
  • Additional terms & conditions
    In case the terms and conditions that apply to the use case are not covering all the needs of the data provider, they can add additional Terms & Conditions that also need to be agreed upon by data users before access to data is granted


NxtPort offers services to send real-time push notifications whenever relevant information is available on the platform. Some examples: 

  • Arrival or departure of a vessel
  • Cargo discharge confirmations
  • Goods that arrived damaged
  • ...

Each use case that runs on the NxtPort platform is able to send push notifications in a standardised format to so called "webhooks" on the side of the data user/data provider. This helps these companies to show status changes or alerts following actions of their supply partners within their own applications.


Whilst data can be standardised according industry standards in a number of areas, NxtPort can accommodate to translate customer specific data to those standards. In situations where such standard are not yet applied, the format of data from data providers will most likely not be understood by all data users as they will be using different formats or definitions for data elements.

NxtPort provides customised translation via the AKA (Also Known As) service allowing both data providers and data users to interchange data without the need to "speak each others dialect". 


Communities that believe in the Power of Together are able to setup their own Digital marketplace via the NxtPort platform. Next to having a place where all relevant API's for that community are are listed and ready to subscribe, this service also allows to spread specific and dedicated information, membership requirements to join the community, articles, events, ... 

Examples of such communities are Network of Trusted Networks of IPCSA (the International Port Community System Association) and the Exchange Platform of Eclic (European Chemical Logistics Information Council). Be in charge of your community and learn more about our offering to communities

Built on


Golden Principles

These golden principles are the foundation of the technology NxtPort has adopted in its data platform. 

By & for the community

Open project

NxtPort aspires to be a fully inclusive platform by and for the port community. All supply chain actors are invited to connect to provide and consume data through NxtPort, whereby interoperability and collaboration with other data sharing solutions is actively pursued.

Secured/Controlled access

Data Governance

One of the cornerstones of NxtPort's belief is that data providers always remain in full control of their data. Through state-of-the-art identity access management, sharing logic and ingestion channels, they can share data with authorized parties that are active on our ISO27001 certified platform.


We build API's, not applications

Neutral platform

The strict separation between the secure data sharing backbone and the marketplaces ensures the neutrality of the NxtPort platform. Through digital handshakes managed on the platform's console, dataproviders and third-party developers can provide access to and monetise the use of their data or applications.



Low entry barrier

Data sharing among supply chain parties is rapidly becoming common place. Although NxtPort has an API first approach, the platform accepts many different data formats to allow for a low entry barrier, both technically and financially.


Apps built by ecosystem


NxtPort fosters innovation in the supply chain through communities of like-minded organisations, both private and public, who have a joint benefit in sharing data. By bringing these parties together and support building and testing solutions that target specific use cases in the liquid bulk market, co-created applications will benefit all parties in the supply chain.

The use of the Platform, the NxtPort API’s by Data Providers, Data Users and App Developers and other services rendered by NxtPort shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions.

In the event that a provision in this Golden Principles description conflicts with the Terms and Conditions, or a conflict with the Terms and Conditions develops during the term of this description, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

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