Transatlantic Community

ePIcenter explores opportunities provided by AI, digitalisation, automation and innovations in freight transport and handling technologies, creating powerful solutions to enable resilient, efficient and greener supply chains.


Freight moved between Europe and Canada

The Transatlantic case of the ePIcenter project is a collaboration between the Ports of Antwerp-Bruges and Port de Montreal and represents a major data visibility and sharing initiative including Global Freight movements involving several modes of transport (ships, barges, trains, trucks). Digitalisation and cyber-secure visibility solutions will be implemented and tested, considering input from relevant stakeholders in Europe and North America, integrating legacy systems. This will test ePIcenter’s new Inner & Outer Layer Visibility concept and AI-driven logistics optimisation solutions.

The goals will be to:

Establish a transatlantic innovation bridge

Share intelligence on emerging technologies

Implement a cyber-secure trade lane between Antwerp and Montreal.

The ePIcenter project develops AI driven optimisation tools to increase the efficiency of supply chains and reducing their environmental impact.

Access to real-time time data allows operators to comply with increasing regulatory requirements (ESG Reporting, Customs, Global Sanction Compliance).

The ePIcenter applications represent actual solutions for real life challenges the industry is facing.

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