V Platform helps supply chain actors in the Vietnam Seaport System to make better decisions through access to accurate and real-time data – neutral and secure data exchange, powered by NxtPort International.

To remain competitive in today’s volatile economic and geopolitical climates, ports need to accelerate their digital transformations.

Our platform offers demonstrated solutions that provide end-to-end visibility in your supply chains for operational efficiency and improved planning and forecasting.

Access to real-time time data allows operators to comply with increasing regulatory requirements, like ESG Reporting, Customs or Global Sanction Compliance.

Our platform offers cost effective re-use of data for multiple use cases, allowing you to outsource the complexity of supply chain complexity to a trusted partner.

Seaports are key nodes in the energy transition and Vietnam is a frontrunner in ASEA when it comes to renewable energy. To accelerate the decarbonisation of the industries in ports, it requires connectivity between existing and new energy supply chains.

Our platform offers that connectivity. Seamlessly.

The value of V-Platform’s secure data exchange

Ports are zero-trust envirornments by nature
So for any Smart Port System to be successful, neutral data exchange with solid data governance whereby data providers are in full control of what happens to their data is a key priority.


Cyber threats
Security breaches have demonstrated to cause significant harm to port operations, with several high-profile cases in recent years. With an increased number of IoT devices and cameras as integral part of smart port solutions, this becomes one of the largest challenges for ports. V-Platform is powered by NxtPort International, a demonstrated leader in of secure data exchange for maritime and port industries. 


Unleashing the Power of Together
Ports are complex ecosystems of public and private sector organisations, all with different levels of digital maturity. With a legacy of rubber stamps, paper checklists and xls sheets across the supply chains, the ingestion of different data formats through a range of legacy transfer protocols is to be expected. V-Platform offers that capability.


Inland Waterway Logistics

Effective connectivity of barge operations from the Mekong Delta hinterland with the Deep-Sea Ports in the South is challenging and leads to huge costs for exporters and vessel operators.​ Efficient track & trace of barges, and real-time insights on water levels allow for more accurate forecasting and terminal operations planning.​


As a member of the V-Platform community, you have access to our international marketplace with readily available APIs and apps to improve productivity and compliance in your supply chains.