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Greentech for Ports and Terminals 2024

Join us at the upcoming event in Barcelona on May 7th for an enlightening discussion led by Geert, our CEO. Geert will share insights on the vital role of data in driving sustainability initiatives within the maritime sector, with a specific focus on decarbonizing ports. Leveraging years of expertise and innovation at NxtPort International, Geert will unveil a transformative approach that harnesses the power of fortified data to tackle environmental challenges head-on.

As the global community strives to combat climate change, ports emerge as critical battlegrounds in the quest for sustainability. Geert’s speech will explore how data-driven strategies can revolutionize port management practices, leading to tangible reductions in emissions, improved energy efficiency, and the adoption of eco-friendly solutions. By attending this event, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the intersection of technology, sustainability, and maritime operations, empowering you to drive positive change within your organization and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with Geert and fellow industry professionals as we chart a course toward a greener, more resilient future for ports worldwide. Join us in Barcelona on May 7th and be part of the movement to decarbonize our seas, one port at a time.

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Greentech for Ports and Terminals 2024

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Greentech for Ports and Terminals 2024

8 May 2024, Wednesday
9 am, 20 Minutes
WTC Barcelona, Spain


Digitalization lightening the way for decarbonization