Founded in 2016, NxtPort emerged from a groundbreaking collaboration among leading maritime and logistics enterprises, alongside key industry associations, in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Belgium. This partnership addressed major challenges faced by port stakeholders, culminating in the establishment of NxtPort. At its core, NxtPort offers an advanced ‘smart data sharing’ platform, a crucial catalyst in the digital transformation of logistics, maritime, and industrial operations, marking a new era of efficiency and innovation in the industry.

In 2021, we established NxtPort International BV in Europe to support the global expansion of chemical and petrochemical hubs. Building on our successful expansion within the European continent through partnerships like the e-CLIC community (European Chemical Association) and the initiation of the Network of Trusted Networks for IPCSA, which connects various ports worldwide, we inaugurated our first intercontinental office in the USA in 2021.

In 2021, we inaugurated a commercial office in Singapore. This move enables companies and ports in Asia to securely share data through a single connection to the NxtPort platform, facilitating the integration of various applications. Our aim is to foster innovative 3rd-party logistics software solutions, enhance connectivity, standardise data, and improve the interoperability of existing platforms starting with the liquidbulk stakeholders.


Empowering the global liquid bulk and maritime community, we aspire to transcend boundaries and redefine industry standards as one of the foremost data sharing platforms worldwide. With unwavering dedication to innovation and collaboration, we envision a future where NxtPort International leads the charge towards a more connected, efficient, and sustainable maritime industry


To revolutionize global trade by connecting industries, streamlining logistics, and empowering businesses with innovative data solutions. We strive to enhance efficiency, transparency, and collaboration across supply chains, enabling seamless trade experiences and driving sustainable growth for businesses worldwide. Together, we pave the way for a more connected, agile, and prosperous future in international trade.


Combining deep domain knowledge from port and liquidbulk operations with platform technology expertise, our team of industry veterans is ready to accelerate the Digital Transformation of seaports worldwide. We have a demonstrated track record in building communities around use cases in a variety of maritime and port related industries, like liquidbulk, container logistics, breakbulk and energy & chemicals supply chains. We support strategic, operational, technical, commercial and legal discussions.



30+ years in international shipping and logistics with focus on visiblity & technology



30+ years in port logistics & technology



20+ years in energy & chemicals supply chain management & innovation



Leveraging digital solutions to optimize and streamline port logistics, guiding clients through their digital transformation journey

Join us in revolutionizing the supply chain for a sustainable future at NxtPort International.

In today’s imperative for sustainability, we’re committed to reshaping supply chains with environmental responsibility at their core. Drawing from our expertise in data sharing and logistics optimization, we’re pioneering innovative solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in the maritime and liquid bulk industries.

We invite investors who share our passion for driving change to join us in this transformative journey. With our track record of success and deep industry knowledge, investing in NxtPort International means aligning your portfolio with sustainable practices while unlocking substantial growth opportunities.

Why Choose NxtPort International?

  1. Innovative Sustainability: Leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain, we’re at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices into global supply chains. Our platform facilitates seamless data exchange, enabling real-time insights and informed decision-making to minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency.
  2. Impactful Investment: Your investment directly fuels the development of eco-friendly, socially responsible solutions. By supporting NxtPort International, you’re not just investing in a company; you’re investing in a vision of a more sustainable future. Our projects, such as optimizing port logistics and facilitating new energy supply chains, make a tangible positive impact on both industry and environment.
  3. Long-Term Growth: With the world increasingly prioritizing sustainability, investing in our initiatives promises not only ethical alignment but also substantial long-term returns. Our strategic partnerships, industry connections, and forward-thinking approach position us for continued success in the evolving landscape of sustainable supply chain management.

Together, let’s create a wave of positive change. Join us in building sustainable supply chains that benefit both the environment and the economy.
Let’s collaborate for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Reach out to discuss how your investment can drive this transformative revolution.

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Your investment isn’t just financial; it’s a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Join the NxtPort International team

Are you seeking to join a team that drives innovation and shapes the future of global supply chains? Look no further than NxtPort International. We’re actively seeking talented individuals who are passionate about making a difference and eager to contribute to groundbreaking projects.

At NxtPort International, you’ll have the chance to work on cutting-edge initiatives that redefine industry standards. Collaborate with a diverse team of experts, where your ideas are not just welcomed but encouraged. Our dynamic environment fosters creativity, teamwork, and personal growth, ensuring every team member thrives.

We believe in recognizing and nurturing talent. Your professional development is our priority, and we’re dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to help you excel in your career.

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey with us and be part of something truly impactful, we want to hear from you. Send your resume and a brief introduction to [email protected], and let’s explore how your skills align with our vision.

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