NxtPort was established in 2016 when multiple prominent maritime and logistics companies, along with industry associations, collaborated in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, to tackle significant challenges encountered by port stakeholders. This collaboration led to the creation of NxtPort, which provides a cutting-edge and innovative ‘smart data sharing’ platform. This platform plays a pivotal role in digitizing logistics, maritime, and industrial processes.

In 2021, we established NxtPort International BV in Europe to support the global expansion of chemical and petrochemical hubs. Building on our successful expansion within the European continent through partnerships like the e-CLIC community (European Chemical Association) and the initiation of the Network of Trusted Networks for IPCSA, which connects various ports worldwide, we inaugurated our first intercontinental office in the USA in 2021.

In 2021, we inaugurated a commercial office in Singapore. This move enables companies and ports in Asia to securely share data through a single connection to the NxtPort platform, facilitating the integration of various applications. Our aim is to foster innovative 3rd-party logistics software solutions, enhance connectivity among all stakeholders, and improve the interoperability of existing platforms starting with the liqiuidbulk.

Nxtport stands at the forefront of data-sharing opportunities within complex ecosystems.

In intricate port and logistics ecosystems, effective communication among stakeholders is pivotal. It’s not only essential for ports to maintain their competitive position, but also for stakeholders to enhance operational efficiency. The topic of end-to-end (E2E) data sharing remains prominent in logistics, particularly due to its significance in the push to decarbonize industries. Recognizing this need, Nxtport was established to offer a reliable data-sharing platform. This startup has enhanced the transparency of data, enabling stakeholders to transform the global supply chain into a more sustainable, scalable, efficient, safe, and profitable system.

At the core of port communication and data exchange is Nxtport International. With a special emphasis on chemical and petrochemical industries, Nxtport fosters the exchange of data between both private enterprises and public authorities.


Combining deep domain knowledge from port and liquidbulk operations with platform technology expertise, our team of industry veterans is ready to accelerate the Digital Transformation of seaports worldwide. We have a demonstrated track record in building communities around use cases in a variety of maritime and port related industries, like liquidbulk, container logistics, breakbulk and energy & chemicals supply chains. We support strategic, operational, technical, commercial and legal discussions.



30+ years in international shipping and logistics with focus on visiblity & technology



30+ years in port logistics & technology



20+ years in energy & chemicals supply chain management & innovation

NxtPort International is a young organisation that combines trusted and demonstrated platform technology with deep domain knowledge of liquidbulk and international port logistics.

With over 80% of the 4,000 seaports yet to commence their digital transformation journey, we have an ocean of opportunities and growth potential ahead of us. Green corridors are being shapened to facilitate the energy transition. Traditional maritime players and new energy companies will transform the way we share realtime data with a strong governance, technology and legal framework in place. Nxtport International is with its expertise in liquidbulk as a vital part of the supply chain.

We look for strategic partners with whom we can realise this growth and fulfil our vision.

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Are you ready to be part of bringing supply chains in liquidbulk and seaports around the globe into the digital and sustainable future ? Join us at NxtPort International to fulfill our mission together with a small team of passionate people with a background in IT or Port Logistics. Contact us for more information or submit your CV via [email protected]