Neutral by design

Ports are de facto zero trust environments. The lack of transparency has been one of the key commercial drivers of trade, so the appetite for data sharing to improve overall visibility and there by productivity is understandably low.

So for any Smart Port System to be successful, neutral data exchange with solid data governance whereby data providers are in full control of what happens to their data is a key priority.

Via our unique digital handshake technology, data processing agreements and auditable processes data provider are in full control and retain of data ownership

Strict separation between the secure data exchange backbone and the applications layer ensures data providers control their data (monetization) strategy.


Cyber security breaches have demonstrated to cause significant harm to port operations, with several high-profile cases in recent years. With an increased number of IoT devices and cameras as integral part of smart port solutions, this becomes one of the largest challenges for smaller ports.

Through continuous investment in cyber security, NxtPort has matured into a trusted partner for >2000 port supply chain actors worldwide.


Ports are complex ecosystems of public and private sector organisations, all with different levels of digital maturity . With an unconditional love for rubber stamps, paper checklists and xls sheets, the ingestion of different data formats through a range of legacy transfer protocols is to be expected

Through our API-first, not API-only approach, we connect organisations with different levels of digital maturity, ingesting multiple data formats and sharing protocols

Through cost-effective re-use of your data, and our interoperability with other platforms and solutions, NxtPort is an efficient extension of your in-house ICT capabilities.