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Bunker Insights

Track, validate, and transparently account for emissions and fuel deliveries for each vessel.

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Developer Fueltrust

When it comes to bunker fuel,

know what you source, use, and report


More than 50% of a ship’s operating cost is tied to bunker fuel and fuel-related machinery expense. This makes it a significant and critical factor in profitability.

Bunker Insights uses cloud-based AI and blockchain technology to give users a real-time view into the bunker supply chain. It consolidates and analyses data from fleets, suppliers, and labs, to establish the movement and measurement of fuel at each step of the lifecycle – from origin to delivery.

Tailored to meet the needs of fleets and suppliers

Tailored to meet the needs of fleets and suppliers, Bunker Insights tracks expected and actual emissions from fuels used. It provides a transparent and unalterable account of fuel volumes, content, and deliveries for each vessel. This means users can monitor and minimise GHG emissions, ensure regulatory compliance and minimise associated risks.

Bunker Insights Capabilities

Bunker Insights provides a real-time view into the fuel supply chain by consolidating and analysing data from ship owners, fuel suppliers, and fuel labs, to establish the movement and measurement of fuel at each step of the lifecycle, from origin to delivery.

  • Digitize bunker transaction documents
  • Analyse transaction data and lab reports
  • Notify of fuel discrepancies
  • Validate Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Deliver IMO2020 compliance report

How can we help?

Hear from FuelTrust CEO and Co-founder, Jonathan Arneault, how Bunker Insights can help you power better decisions around bunker fuel management and fuel purchases and download our whitepaper: Driving Decarbonisation through Data Transparency.

Bunker Insights for Fleets
Alleviate the financial impact of bad fuel, mitigate compliance and regulatory risk and empower greener fleets.

Bunker insights for Suppliers
Detect fraud and contamination issues, identify when fuel issues are created and validate the fuel delivered.