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Maritime Emissions Portal

Evaluate maritime emissions at your port or terminal with an insightful sustainability assessment tool.

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Logistics enablement platform

Empower logistics teams to work efficiently, deliver better service, and focus on meaningful tasks.

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Bunker Insights

Track, validate, and transparently account for emissions and fuel deliveries for each vessel.

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Declaration of inspection

Ensure safe operations with a shared responsibility in Ship/Shore Safety Checklists before cargo loading or unloading.

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Plan Port calls with the power of AI

Upgrade port operations with real-time collaboration and full situational awareness using AI-powered Berth Planner.

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Order-to-Cash automation

Streamline supply service to vessels during a port stay and optimize the Order-to-Cash process through digitization.

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Real-time oversight for liquid bulk supply chain, optimizing logistics, and terminal operations to eliminate inefficiencies.

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AI-powered port call predictions

Enhance operational efficiency and savings with precise port call predictions.

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Automated C02 calculations

Automate CO2 calculations to assess and reduce transport-related carbon footprint across all modes of transport.

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Port call data

Access real-time port movement data standardized into a singular model, especially beneficial for multi-port operations.

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