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Logistics enablement platform

Empower logistics teams to work efficiently, deliver better service, and focus on meaningful tasks.

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Developer Dockflow

Dockflow is the world’s first logistics enablement platform making the lives of maritime forwarding teams easier, so you can focus on meaningful tasks and delivering better service to customers. Dockflow gives forwarders and shippers an easily accessible and secure platform to share their shipping information. Easily track and manage your around the globe, with over 120 supported ocean lines.

From logistics today to logistics to-be

Today, logistics teams are facing an unprecedented workload with multiple repetitive tasks and tones of emails and calls to share information. It is also hard and less efficient for them to integrate with their partners. To make your time better spent being productive, it’s time to choose Dockflow and leave us the heavy lifting.

By using the Dockflow Logistics Enablement platform, your teams are able to be more proactive, uniform and efficient by reducing errors, sharing information instantly, connecting different systems seamlessly and automating operations.


Container traceability & cargo monitoring

Dockflow automatically follows your maritime container bookings. The world-class AI engine ensures you’ll be the first to know of any changes. That means you can view conveniently the real-time temperature and GPS-based location of your shipments on our platform.

Preventing demurrage & Lowering damage claims

Taking into account terminal data and free time rules, allows Dockflow to give you an overview of demurrage & detention costs. But most of all, due to our proactive notifications, you are able to reduce those costs to a minimum.

Dockflow also maps the tracked temperature against the container milestones and give you notifications when the temperature goes out of bounds to prevent cargo damage.

Configure your own automations

Every team, customer, cargo and port has their own specifics. Dockflow Automations are your toolkit to create customised notifications tailored to your preferences. You can also set custom rules for specific ports, partners, carriers and more.

Information sharing & Data exchange between systems

Dockflow combines powerful features with a wide range of data integrations. This means you and your logistics partners always have access to the right information – ultimately saving you time to get more done in a day.

By intelligently pairing data streams throughout the logistics chain, Dockflow provides you the full picture of your shipments. Dockflow is compatible with all NxtPort data sources. Data can be exchanged between systems through the API, giving you easier integrations with your TMS/FMS/ERP, to make easy collaborations come true.

Freight forwarders are the architects of transport because they are typically in charge of conducting trading activities and forging important, strong relationships with different stakeholders. But then, change is the only constant. In this age of information technology, the subject of digital transformation is gaining prominence across a multitude of sectors, including the maritime shipping industry. With our enablement platform, Dockflow will help you transform your maritime logistics digitally in an efficient and convenient way.

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Demurrage tracker
Get started with automated demurrage tracking, fine-tuned to your specific free time agreements.

Sensitive cargo monitoring
Make sure your sensitive cargo does well along the way by Dockflow’s temperature and GPS location tracking.

Tailor-made notifications
Dockflow Automations are your toolkit to create precise, relevant and customised notifications tailored to your preferences.

The Dockflow platform is tailored towards forwarders and shippers dealing with sensitive or high-value container shipments. It includes special support for perishables and temperature-controlled shipping.


The following applies to all entities that collaborate on the Dockflow platform via NxtPort.

  • Payment fee will be provided upon request
  • For more info, please contact our commercial team (click below)

Data on the Dockflow platform belongs to their respective providers unless agreed otherwise.

Sensor manufacturers, carriers, terminal operators, forwarders, shippers and 3PLs can integrate with Dockflow through the API.

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The Dockflow API is based around REST. If you’ve interacted with a RESTful API already, many of the concepts will be familiar to you.