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Partnership with Intertrust

NxtPort International and Intertrust to Revolutionize Supply Chain Security

With the introduction of industrial IoT devices to collect data for AI-enabled port operations, data interoperability and device security became mission critical.

To enable the IoT-driven new energy supply chains of tomorrow, NxtPort International is proud to partner with San Francisco based Intertrust , the world’s leading provider of security and interoperability technologies for distributed IT/OT services.

Our partnership will enable global port operators to securely integrate multi-party digital data services and IoT devices made by different manufacturers, such as sensors and cameras, into their ports.

“AI and IoT devices provide a bonanza to port operators, yet proprietary formats, data regulations and confidentiality provisions make interconnecting these technologies a nightmare. Intertrust allows us to make all of these technologies sing together in a single platform, while giving our customers the ability to choose the best device and AI for any given job.” says Geert De Wilde , CEO of NxtPort International.

With NxtPort, ports around the world can establish data-driven operations based on reliable data – an essential function for today’s fast-paced shipping system of essential fuels from LNG to Hydrogen and Ammonia. Together with Intertrust we aim to set the standards for secure supply chain connectivity.