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Nina 2.0 - NxtPort International New Infrastructure

We are thrilled to introduce Nina 2.0, the latest iteration of our cutting-edge international supply end-to-end data-sharing platform! With this significant update, we’ve implemented a host of new features and enhancements aimed at simplifying and securing data sharing for supply chain stakeholders.

A solid data backbone powered by Microsoft Azure: At the heart of Nina 2.0 lies a robust data backbone built on Microsoft Azure, providing a secure foundation for supply chain stakeholders to share data through an API-first strategy. This ensures seamless connectivity and efficient data exchange while maintaining the highest standards of security and governance.

Community activation and marketplace expansion: In a major development, ports and other ecosystems can now activate their communities on our platform, facilitating collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders. Additionally, our expanded marketplaces now accommodate third-party logistics applications, offering users a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their operations.

Enabling predictive analytics for lower emissions supply chains: With an increasing number of applications leveraging the NxtPort data-sharing platform, we are witnessing a proliferation of tools and technologies aimed at enhancing supply chain visibility. By integrating sensor, IoT, and camera data, we empower stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive predictive analytics, leading to greener, lower emissions supply chains.

Proven interoperability for seamless integration: Nina 2.0 champions interoperability, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their preferred local platforms while leveraging the global API-first platform benefits. This standardized approach to data sharing ensures compatibility across systems, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.

Enhanced security with Microsoft Azure integration: To bolster security, we’ve integrated the full power of Microsoft Azure’s identification and authorization tools, enabling easy yet secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access. This ensures that users can confidently access the platform while safeguarding sensitive data against unauthorized access.

Fortified security measures: Last but not least, Nina 2.0 introduces completely revamped digital vaults and digital handshakes, further enhancing security protocols on the platform. These measures ensure that data remains protected throughout its lifecycle, giving users peace of mind and control over their valuable information.

Join the digital revolution with NiNa 2.0: We invite you to join us in the digital revolution and experience the transformative power of Nina 2.0. With our innovative features and unwavering commitment to security and interoperability, Nina 2.0 empowers supply chain stakeholders to share data confidently while retaining control over their valuable assets. Embrace the future of supply chain management with Nina 2.0 today!

Stay in control of your data while embracing the digital revolution with Nina 2.0!