Vision statement

Nxtport is at the forefront of data sharing opportunities in complex ecosystems.

In a complex port and logistic ecosystem, communication between stakeholders plays a crucial role both for the port, in terms of competitive position, and for the stakeholders to increase efficiency. End-to-End (E2E) data sharing has become a hot topic in logistics. In the port of Antwerp, sharing data between different logistics players could save up to a billion euro. In this context, Nxtport was founded with the aim to provide a trusted data-sharing platform. The startup improved the visibility of data, allowing stakeholders to make the global supply chain more scalable, efficient, safe and profitable.

Nxtport is at the heart of the port's communication and data exchange. Nxtport, with a focus on chemical and petrochemical companies, stimulates the exchange of data between private and public companies and authorities.


Nxtport was created in 2016 when several leading maritime and logistic companies and industry associations joined forces to address key challenges faced by the Port of Antwerp players. This resulted in Nxtport offering a state-of-the-art and innovative 'smart data sharing' platform that contributes to digitising logistics, maritime and industrial processes.

To cover the international expansion of chemical and petrochemical hubs around the globe, Nxtport International bv has been founded in 2021.

After expanding on the European continent with the e-CLIC community (European chemical Association) and the start of the Network of Trusted Networks for IPCSA, connecting several ports globally, we set up a first intercontinental office in the USA in 2021.

In the summer of 2021, we also went live in Asia, enabling companies and ports to share data safely and securely via just one connection to the Nxtport platform to feed their different applications.

We stimulate innovative 3rd party solutions while connecting all stakeholders and creating better interoperability of existing platforms.

Security in our DNA

One of our top priorities is data security. Users of the Nxtport platform maintain complete control over the data uploaded onto the platform. The uniqueness of Nxtport lies in the digital vault system and digital handshakes: 

  • Data providers hold the key to the vault and stay in control. Providers can precisely control how the data is distributed for specific use cases and particular segments. The creation of communities further facilitates data sharing with specific target audiences.
  • When providers want to share data with specific users, they make a digital agreement on the platform through a digital handshake. Nxtport monitors data usages and reports it to the data providers.
  • Next to the data protection in the vault system, external audits and tests are performed on the platform and the use cases. Nxtport is running on the Microsoft Azure cloud giving a solid base for a secure and scalable solution. Its full ISO27001 certification further confirms Nxtport’s high-class data security.

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The Platform8 team

Mark Noordhoek Hegt

Chief Executive Officer

Geert De Wilde

Chief Operating Officer

Mark De Keyser

Chief Technical Officer

Alexander Dorhout Mees

Chief Commercial Officer

Edwin Ebrahimi

General Manager Asia Pacific

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