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A port call can be compared to a F1 pitstop. Various stakeholders each must perform their own activity on a vessel, often in a specific sequence. This complexity is most present amongst liquid bulk vessels. For this reason, Port+ is building a shared, collaborative platform that endeavours to make a port call more efficient by combining data from various sources (open data sources, Port+ data, machine learning algorithms and data directly from participating companies).

The goal is to provide every stakeholder with all the relevant information needed to optimise their planning and perform their activities as efficiently as possible, while at the same time increasing the predictability of those activities.

The combination of these data sources gives stakeholders of the process a highly accurate overview of the different activities taking place – both planned and completed – increasing the efficiency of their planning and operations. This results in a decrease in waste in between activities and hence a decrease in turnaround times for vessels through the port.

“Pushing boundaries in port efficiency”

Involved stakeholders:

  • Cargo owners
  • Ship owners & operators
  • Shipping agents
  • Terminals
  • Surveyors
  • Barge operators
  • Bunker providers
  • Ship chandlers

Data runs completely through the NxtPort platform. Data provider keeps control over data at all times.

Reduce time spent and planning by having all relevant information at hand. Optimize asset & resource utilization.

Decrease port call / vessel turnaround time through optimisation of the process and increased predictability.

The Liquid Bulk Project is a data hub. This means that all participants collaborate with each other towards a common goal. Companies that join the initiative agree to share and consume data based on the principles that are set out by the community. As such, the majority of participants is both data user and data provider. Data can be provided through any means available (e-mail, PDF, Excel etc.) to make onboarding as simple as possible.

Through multiple co-envision sessions, the liquid bulk community has decided that the Liquid Bulk Project should follow a “pay per port call” model. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our commercial team.

When will we go live

The platform – and associated APIs – are currently being developed. The data hub will be accessible for cargo owners, ship owners/operators, shipping agents, terminals and surveyors starting from the end of this year.
After the initial launch, other roles will gradually be added to the platform.


The following list of companies represents the collaboration of the community during the several co-envisions that were organised to build the foundation of the Liquid Bulk Project.

Join the initiative

To join the initiative, please click on the subscribe button on the left. You will be forwarded to the C-Point platform where you can manage the applications for your company. Find Qronoport and request access.

Share your data

The following applies to all entities that collaborate on the Liquid Bulk platform

  • The business model is based on a pay per port call plan and/or subscription plan.
  • Other pricing plans may be introduced for new entities joining the platform in the future.
  • For more info, please contact our commercial team through the form on this page.

Grassroot approach

The Liquid Bulk Project is initiated in close co-operation with the Port Community. The functional analysis has been designed through multiple co-envision sessions and individual user feedback sessions. This method of working together and continuous feedback allows us to build an application that caters the specific needs of the community.

At the same time, several Proof of Concepts with market leading companies in the sector are being carried out since February 2019. The goal of those PoCs is to further identify user demands and to finetune the data flows in between various stakeholders. The current pilot projects can be divided into three categories as seen below:

Qronoport uses API’s from the NxtPort platform that allow to retrieve data from the participating data providers, and show that data in a specific User Interface. Developers that wish to connect to those same API’s can contact NxtPort support to request technical and process documentation.


As a developer you can request technical documentation from the Liquid Bulk API. Once your request has been approved by the community manager, we will provide you with information on how to connect your applications to our API’s.