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Vessel Arrival & Departures

Track vessel arrivals and departures to stay updated on port activities.

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Many port players still depend on email and phone communication to get the latest vessel planning information at terminals. Their business efficiency depends on having the most accurate information available. Changes to planned arrival and departure times can heavily impact a vessel’s rotation schedule, even more so if the information is not received as soon as possible.

NxtPort International has developed an API allowing port players to request vessel arrival & departure information from terminals that share data with the platform. The information retrieved includes a.o. the Planned and Actual arrival & departure date/time.

Reduce demurrage
Insights to streamline your product flow and enable better decision-making can lead to up to 20+% demurrage reduction

Efficiency and reliability
Effective control in planning and management reduces calls from customers by ~50%, saving hours by own staff for each movement

Real time insight
Improve your customer experience by better informing on status, ETAs, and delays and monitor on-time product arrival, leading to fewer delays

The vessel Arrival and Departure API is available in two versions. A full version and a light version.

The light version does not contain

  • Status information
  • Laycan information
  • Agent information

Please be advised that access to the full dataset will require additional approval from the asset owner and data providers. In order to access the data, data users need to have a valid and approved digital handshake. Handshakes can be made after subscribing to the API’s.

Which data providers are available?

NxtPort is continuously searching for new terminals across the globe to onboard as data providers. Below you can find a list of terminals with live data or under development:

    • Live
Operating Company Terminal Name Country
Vopak Deer Park USA
Vopak Penjuru Singapore
Vopak Sakra Singapore
Vopak Sebarok Singapore
Vopak Banyan Singapore


If you are interested in having your storage terminals provide data to the API, please contact us
For more information on the difference between the versions of the API, feel free to  schedule a digital coffee with one of our colleagues.

Terminal operators that wish to share terminal vessel planning information through the NxtPort platform only need to set up and maintain one connection. Your customers or port partners interested in the data will be onboarded and verified by NxtPort. Once they have an active connection to the platform, they will be able to request access to your data. You are able to approve (or decline) such access to allow for the data to be shared. You stay in control of who gets access to your data and can decide to monetize it or not.

NxtPort international provides different services to get your data connected to your partners:

  • Via a Gateway API that retrieves the information in real-time from your system API whenever your supply chain partners request data from your terminal(s)
  • Via an ingestion services that allows you to push information whenever such information becomes available. NxtPort stores that information in your private vault on the platform, which is connected to the Vessel AD API, only after your formal approval.

Are you interested in sharing your vessel planning information through our platform? Let us know through the digital contact form.

Share your data

Connect your terminal now and start sharing data on incoming and outgoing vessel information with your port partners and customers!

There is a significant opportunity for ISV’s to create transparency and visibility in the liquid bulk supply chain in order to make the supply chain more efficient and further reduce costs. The NxtPort platform allows to retrieve data from the participating data providers. Developers that wish to connect to those same API’s can contact NxtPort support to request technical and process documentation.

A digital solution is one thing, being able to quickly onboard stakeholders, ingest different data sources and retain ownership of your data is yet another. Expensive and time-consuming to build, it is unlikely to be your are of focus. So build on the NxtPort existing secure, rigorous infrastructure that is designed specifically to answer all your needs.

Data users and data providers only need to connect once to the Nxtport platform to share or retrieve data via API’s.


As a developer you can request technical documentation from the Vessel AD API. Once your request has been approved by the asset owner, we will provide you with information on how to connect your applications to our API’s.

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